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The conference looks great, and I still plan to attend. I did, however
have something to offer, and somehow never learned about the deadline,
nor saw the "Call for papers". Where did I miss it? Was it in the ARSC
Journal somehwere, or posted online?

I just ask now for future reference, so I can know where to look for it
next time. You may call me a blithering idiot, and say something like
"how could you have missed it? It was here and there and everywhere."
But miss it I did.

Dave: Glad you are coming! I thought it was here on the ARSC List but I know it was on the ARSC WEb Site.

BTW, for those who are not yet members,  and therefore not receiving the Conference Packets, you can go to the ARSC WEb Site ( and click on link at top. From there you can see the complete conference packet and download all the registration forms. (You still have to mail in with CHeck or MO. Note that there is a significant discount for ARSC members so your first years dues are more than half paid for.

I encourage you to join soon so you will automatically get the rest of the ARSC publications - mainly the Spring Journal - as soon as they are mailed.