No, my error...when I saw "8-track" I thought of the ubiquitous cartridges! There were a large number of reel-to-reel
multitrack machines using standard 1/4" tape sold under names like Fostex and Tascam...many would-be rock
stars had these, and I've used them occasionally.
Steven C. Barr
Dear Don (and Steve as well),
    The 8-track quarter-inch format may have been more common here than America, as part of the "home music recording" industry. Because this serves people composing music in their bedrooms (on an overcrowded island!), customers either bought an 8-track quarter-inch machine or a 4-track audiocassette machine, the latter often with a built-in mixer to save even more space. I picked up my 8-track for only 250 British pounds. I saw no need to get another, because even if a track fails, you can still fudge things so that four remain working.
Peter Copeland