I just received a home recording on a Wilcox Gay recorded disc and another on a Capitol home recorded disc. They both seemed to be paper based with a waxy coating, but I am not for sure. Both are warped and the Wilcox Gay  has many cracks throughout the waxy surface. This is an important recording of an American POW during WW II. Apparently, at some point, the Japanese allowed the POWs to right home to their families telling them they were okay, but this particular soldier was allowed to broadcast his message, which was played over American radio and is how the family recorded the message.
What is the best way to flatten these recordings? Further, because of the cracks, what is the best way to transfer these recordings? Can I use a conventional turntable and clean up the digital file, or would a laser turntable work better?
Also any information about the composition of these type of discs is needed.
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