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Titles include:

* 30 volumes published by the Medical Department, United States Army

Office of the Surgeon General dated from 1966-1986.

* 3 volumes. U.S. Army in the Korean War. 1986-1988. Center of Military

* Jane's Fighting Ships 1969-1970 and 1971-1972.

* Special Studies: Supplying Washngton's Army. Center of Military History.

* The German Northern Theater of Operations by Earl Ziemke. 1959.

* Combat Support in Korea by John Westover. 1987.

* The Inspectors General of the United States Army 1777-1903 by David Clary.

* Army Medical Specialist Corps by Colonel Robert Anderson. 1986.

* The Last Salute by B.C. Mossman. Department of the Army. 1986.

* Armies, Corps, Divisions and Separate Brigades by John B. Wilson. 1987.

* Crisis Fleeting by James H. Stone. Office of the Surgeon General. 1986.


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