Attention, experienced federal librarians!  Normally, FEDLIB does not
circulate vacancy announcements for positions outside the federal
government.  But because Outsell, Inc., is a FEDLINK partner and is
interested in hiring an analyst knowledgeable about federal content
users to complement their team of content industry experts, we want to
make sure they receive applications from the "best and the brightest" in
the federal library/information community.

Outsell is advertising 3 vacancies (per their 2/28/03 e-Briefs issue);
the one most likely to line up with federal librarian skills is the
second one listed below.  Below the listing is the description of
Outsell from their e-Briefs publication.

Susan M. Tarr, Exec Director
Federal Library and Information Center Committee

The Best and the Brightest (from Outsell's 2/28/03 e-Briefs)

We have three openings for key members of our analytic team.  Details
on these positions are available at our Web site,
- Vice President & Lead Analyst - Vendor Research and Analysis
- Vice President & Lead Analyst - Content Users and Technologies
Research and Analysis
- Director & Lead Analyst - Content Deployment

Here is Outsell's self-description:

Outsell is the only research and advisory firm that focuses
exclusively on the Information Content Industry. As an
independent adviser, we emphasize close relationships with
our clients and deliver high-quality, fact-based research,
analysis, and advice about every aspect of content strategy,
deployment, and use to a wide range of vendors, buyers,
and users of information.

Founded in 1994, Outsell helps world-class content vendors,
Global 2000 companies, government agencies, and leading
educational institutions increase their understanding of
users and end-markets, assess content quality and
effectiveness, benchmark operations,  hire and retain
executives, and develop more successful internal and
commercial content products and services.
Outsell, Inc.'s information, analysis, opinion, and reports
(the "Information") are based on qualitative and/or
quantitative research methods and its staff's extensive
professional expertise in the industry.  Outsell, Inc. has
used its best efforts and judgment in the compilation and
presentation of the Information and believes the Information
is accurate as of the date furnished, but the industry and
the Information are subject to rapid change.  Except as
aforesaid, Outsell, Inc. makes no other representations or
warranties, express or implied, concerning or relating to
the Information.  Copyright 2002 Outsell, Inc.