Hello all,

At long last, I have compiled a "highlights" edition of all the wonderful
Federal Library outreach ideas that I have received.  Thanks so much, to
all who contributed -- I am sure that you will find these  highlights a
very useful resource for your library, as we have at the Census.

There have been several comments in response to my query, regarding the
need for some sort of marketing & outreach committee.  Although marketing
and PR was my professional career prior to obtaining an MLIS, I am finding
it difficult to locate seminars, publications, and round tables/groups that
focus upon marketing and outreach for libraries - specifically federal

I am definitely interested in participating within an outreach committee,
if this should ever come about - just was not sure how to proceed with
making this happen.....

Thank you again, for all of your assistance!
Amy Rolland, MLIS
Marketing Specialist
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                            OUTREACH HIGHLIGHTS
                             Federal Libraries

"?there are several articles for outreach and public promotion. The easiest
way to locate most of the is to go to the promotions Web page at   There are a variety
of resources there, including this one, which is our most recent
plan, located at
                                                      Robin L. Haun-Mohamed
                                                 Chief, Depository Services
                                            Library Programs Service (SLLD)
                                            U.S. Government Printing Office

"I am developing research outreach.  This week, I presented a draft
proposal for a research survey.  There is a FCC Library committee and as
part of that committee, a number of outreach ideas are being explored and
deployed such as training people to access our new and evolving intranet
web page, having the new director/project manager librarian distribute a
monthly newsletter in electronic and paper formats, having a formal open
house during National Library Week in April, conducting subject-specific
brown-bag lunches in the library, and sponsoring vendor-conducted training
sessions for various library
subscribed resources."
                                                         Gloria Jean Thomas
                                                  Senior Research Librarian
                                  Federal Communications Commission Library

"I have been successful doing brown bags (we call them lunch 'n learns)
from  11:30-12:30.  Folks bring their lunch, and we get to educate, inform
them for an hour.  Extends even to retirement tips, database instruction,
IRS coming in to speak about tax changes, newspaper columnists, etc.  The
brown bags have been such a hit!  (Now the helpdesk folks, nurses, Chief of
Staff all have brown bags.)

Also useful are circulating email alerts, tips....did you know new web
sites?  how do you stay current?

We sent out a trivia question that put people's name in a drawing for a
prize.  Question:  How many databases do you have access to through the
library web page?

We use a color printer for bookmarks, posters on bulletin boards, business

We've joined QuestionPoint reference service to allow reference questions
to be forwarded to us from folks that normally wouldn't think to ask us.

DTIC trainers have come in to train patrons in searching the internet.

We've hosted SLA virtual seminars and packed the room with as many folks as
could fit."
                                                                Nancy Faget
                                                 US Army Corps of Engineers
                                 Humphreys Engineer Center Support Activity
                                        Headquarters Library Casey Building

"Issued short bibliographies of recent acquisitions (showing library call
numbers) to coordinate with speaker programs put on within the agency.
Attended event & passed out bibs personally.  (Bunche Library of State
Dept. & NIMA)

Developed speaker programs of various sorts (Bunche Library of the State
Dept. & NIMA) & advertised them agency-wide.  (This was a Bunche Library
Friends of the Library idea originally.  Organizing a Friends group within
the agency is helpful at budget time.)

Developed training events - classes & tutorials - & advertised them through
HR's training division, or a target division within the agency.  (NIMA &
ExIm Bank)  Partnered with the NIMA Career Center to offer employees
personalized Internet training to assist in career evelopment, job hunting.

Also taught formal classes at NDU Library.

Developed a story idea showcasing library services for the employee
magazine & had myself interviewed & photographed.  (I also edited the
reporter's story for accuracy, spelling, grammar & style.)  (NIMA)

Developed poster idea showcasing library services with NIMA PR folks (I
gave the artist the text & she designed the layout in conjunction with my
boss & me) & had it displayed in the hall.

Gathered vendors of database products (Dialog, others) & people from
Bureaus (showed Geological Survey movie or slides) together for a day-long
Library Week special event, which included breakfast provided by staffers.
(Interior Dept. Library)

Mounted exhibits.  (Bunche Library of State Dept.)  Some of the exhibits
involved borrowing objects or posters from other divisions, to add to books
in the exhibit."

                                                                Peggy Braly
                                       Export Import Bank of the US Library

"We do a library appreciation day every Valentine's and provide demos,
goodies (not necessarily in that order).
We regularly submit articles to the installation paper (appears every 2
We provide library fliers to the orientation team for new employees (and
try to arrange a personal demo).
We hold library training (tutorials) regularly on selected topics.
We promote "front and center" on the library web page the "hot" things
currently/newly available."
                                                           Marybeth Dowdell
                                              NRL Library, Research Reports

"FLICC was a representative for federal libraries and information
centers for the LC Bicentennial in 2000.  A FLICC ad hoc working group
developed a number of activities and items, including a poster and book
mark.  Please see their Web site at for examples of some of
their ideas."
                                                          Robin Hatziyannis
                                  Editor-in-Chief and Education Coordinator
                   Federal Library and Information Center Committee (FLICC)
                                                        Library of Congress

"We have a large Smithsonian display case outside the Treasury Library and
we mounted a series of book/photo displays with a member of the Treasury
Historical Assn. and the Office of the Curator, highlighting Treasury
history as illustrated by books, papers, photos in the collections of the
library and curator.  We had digital photos taken of the exhibit for
posting on the agency intranet.

While on detail for 3 months at Fedlink Network Operations (FN0) this fall,
I coordinated the FLICC exhibit at the National Book Festival where we had
on display from 14 federal libraries: bookmarks, posters, other giveaways,
Web links."

                                                               Mike Conklin
               DO Travel Card Program (on detail from the Treasury Library)
                                     Management and Administrative Programs
                                                        Treasury Department

"There are some resources on the FLICC Website that you may be interested
in.  A program we did several years ago on "Getting the Word Out" still has
some pertinent ideas; go to:"
                                          Susan M. Tarr, Executive Director
                           Federal Library and Information Center Committee
                                                    The Library of Congress