Regarding Michael's message (below), I think this is an important point.
 I don't think that the view of the speakers of the language is the only
issue.  That's only one element to consider.  If Valencian is really a
separate language from Catalan, it would be useful to see that
demonstrated in the type of dictionary mentioned.  The language codes
are not some abstract intellectual exercise; they are applied in the
real world.  The Library of Congress has had numerous pleas from the
library community for guidelines on how to distinguish Serbian from
Croatian.  I would hate to see that situation duplicated here.  There
should be some definite method of distinguishing Catalan and Valencian;
otherwise they should be treated as a single language.

Milicent Wewerka, Library of Congress

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At 20:39 +0100 2003-03-15, Christian Galinski wrote:

>Irrespective of scientific contemplations, Valenciano today is an
>officially recognized language in the Valencian region of Spain.
>Whether you consider this a dialect of Catalan or not, does not
>really count, if the Valencians themselves consider this as their
>own language (and insist on it).

Have they published a Valencian-to-Catalan dictionary?
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