The message below was sent on 2003-01-29.

The question was whether Votiak/votiak should be added as alternate names
for the language in English and French. One comment was received to the
effect that the term "Votiak" (with variant "Vokyak") is "not preferred" by
the people themselves. I consider this a very strong argument indeed, and
the statement (from Michael Everson) has not been contradicted by others.

Formally the situation is the following: All questions have been approved,
except the French name (i.e. the English name has been approved as "Udmurt"
only). Unless I hear arguments to the contrary until 2003-03-21, I shall
send out a second ballot for the French name only, asking again for yes/no
to "oudmourte" only. However, the question is equally valid for both English
and French, and in case I hear arguments in favour of adding "votiak" in
French, we also need to have a second ballot for the English name.


* * * OLD MESSAGE (2003-01-29) * * *

The first ballot on this item has been completed. The original ballot form
is included below.

The ballot passed unanimously on all points except the French name.
The inclusion of the identifier "udm" has been approved; we just need a new
round to determine the names.

The following comment was submitted relating to the French name:
" I suggest the French name "votiak" It is the name which appears on the
most well known French source about languages : "Les langues du Monde"
published by Société linguistique de Paris in 1952. In the book, "votiak"
appears as the French form for the language for which the indigenous name is
"ud-murt". The French name for the people speaking these langue is "Votiaks"
, these people live between Viatka and Kama. "

It should be noted that the Ethnologue also lists "Votiak" and "Votyak" as
alternate names (in English). The French name "oudmourte" is indeed found. A
quick search with Google for French documents finds a few more documents
containing "oudmourte" than "votiak".

My suggestion would be to include English "Udmurt; Votiak" and French
"oudmourte; votiak". Comments?

Best regards,
Håvard Hjulstad

* * * * * *

ISO 639 Ballot -- New item: Udmurt

Please vote by Friday 2003-01-24.

Please see additional information below the ballot form.

Submitted by (your name, please):

(A) -- Inclusion:
___  I am in favour of including the individual language "Udmurt" in 639-2
(alpha-3 code)
___  I am opposed to including the individual language "Udmurt" in 639-2
(alpha-3 code)

(B) -- Identifier:
(Please vote even if you are opposed to the inclusion of the item)
___  I accept the alpha-3 identifier "udm" for Mordvin (if to be included)
___  I do not accept the identifier "udm" -- Comment:

(C) -- Language names:
___  I accept the English name "Udmurt" (if to be included)
___  I do not accept the English name "Udmurt" -- Comment:

___  I accept the French name "oudmourte" (if to be included)
___  I do not accept the French name "oudmourte" -- Comment:

___  I accept the indigenous name "udmurt kyl" (if to be included)
___  I do not accept the indigenous name "udmurt kyl" -- Comment:

Other comments:

* * * * * * *

Background and additional information:

This is based on a proposal submitted on 2002-10-11 and circulated to the
JAC for comments on 2002-10-30. Feedback has been received from Michael
Everson only.

The source of the French name is

The source of the indigenous name is