The message below was sent out on 2003-01-30. Since then a couple of
comments have been received regarding the indigenous name, but there has
been no discussion of the French name (which was the only item that was
formally not approved in the ballot).

I propose the following:

(1) We do NOT include "Circassian" and "circassien", as that seems to be the
designation for a larger group (also including Kabardian).

(2) The French name "adyghé" only is included.

(3) The indigenous name "adygebze" only is included.

This would mean no ballot except for the French name, which would be a
yes/no ballot for "adyghé" (even though most members have "technically"
voted in favour of "adyghéen" previously).


* * * OLD MESSAGE (2003-01-30) * * *
The first ballot on this item has been completed. The original ballot form
is included below.

The ballot passed unanimously on all points except the French name. Comments
were submitted also relating to English and indigenous name.
The inclusion of the identifier "ady" has been approved; we just need a new
round to determine the names.

The following comments were submitted relating to the names:
English: " Add also "Circassian" as alternative English name, equally
mentioned by Ethnologue. "
French: " I propose "adyghé", it is the name used in "Les langues du monde".
Maintain also the alternative name "circassien", since the name "adyghé"(in
French) originates
from the indigenous name and the name circassien ("circassian" in English)
seems to be an alternative, occidental name equally mentioned by Ethnologue.
Indigenous name: " Add also "ad[latin small letter schwa]g[with small letter
g with stroke]e", this form of the indigenous name appears in "Les langues
du Monde" "

I invite members to comment/discuss this issue.

Best regards,
Håvard Hjulstad

* * * * * *

ISO 639 Ballot -- New item: Adyghe; Adygei

Please vote by Friday 2003-01-24.

Please see additional information below the ballot form.

Submitted by (your name, please):

(A) -- Inclusion:
___  I am in favour of including the individual language "Adyghe; Adygei" in
639-2 (alpha-3 code)
___  I am opposed to including the individual language "Adyghe; Adygei" in
639-2 (alpha-3 code)

(B) -- Identifier:
(Please vote even if you are opposed to the inclusion of the item)
___  I accept the alpha-3 identifier "ady" for Adyghe (if to be included)
___  I do not accept the identifier "ady" -- Comment:

(C) -- Language names:
___  I accept the English name "Adyghe; Adygei" (if to be included)
___  I do not accept the English name "Adyghe; Adygei" -- Comment:

___  I accept the French name "adyghéen" (if to be included)
___  I do not accept the French name "adyghéen" -- Comment:

___  I accept the indigenous name "adygebze" (if to be included)
___  I do not accept the indigenous name "adygebze" -- Comment:

Other comments:

* * * * * * *

Background and additional information:

This is based on a proposal submitted on 2002-10-11 and circulated to the
JAC for comments on 2002-10-30. Feedback has been received from Michael
Everson only.

The source of the French name is

The source of the indigenous name is