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Sent: 3. februar 2003 22:08
To: ISO639 JAC list
Subject: New ISO 639 proposal - Kashubian - DISCUSSION

The following proposal has been submitted:

This data was submitted on: Thursday, January 23, 2003 at 16:19:39

lang_in_eng = Kashubian
lang_in_fre = Caschoubais
ref_where_found_1 = EN - MARC language codes table; FR - table with
Kashubian text of "Our Father" prayer in the Pater Noster Church in
lang_in_vern = Kaszbsczi
ref_where_found_2 = commonly used by the Kashubians
trans_lit = none

evidence = Many Kashubian documents are held by the Central Library of the
University of Gdansk. Detailed list at Also worth to notify the
table with Kashubian text of "Our Father" prayer in the Pater Noster
Church in Jerusalem. addinfo = At least several dozens of thousands of
active speakers (more precise number is expected from results of National
Census 2002 in Poland, when they are published). Kashubian has a status of
ethnic minority language and it is taught in several dozens of public
schools. Kashubians live in region of Gdansk in northern Poland.
Estimations of number of Kashubians vary from 300 to 500 thousands.

request_addition = ISO 639-2 only
2_code_suggestion = kb (future)
3_code_suggestion = ksb
submit_name = Stanislaw Geppert
submit_email = [log in to unmask]

submit_status = Speaker (second language). Developer of website presenting
Kashubian culture,

* * * * * * * *

This language is not new on JAC's table. It was (briefly) discussed during
the JAC meeting 2002-02, and it was rejected for the alpha-2 code and
"deferred" for the alpha-3 code.

Currently this item is encoded "sla" (= other Slavic languages).

Ethnologue: CSB = Kashubian

Linguasphere: 53-AAA-cb

The English name "Kashubian" seems to be by far more used that other
variants ("Cashubian" and other).
The French name should probably be "kachoube" only (not "caschoubais", as
suggested by the proposer).
The indigenous name: The proposer gives "kaszbsczi", while has kaszbszczi jzk (where
of course "jzk" means "language").

Identifier: Both the proposed "ksb" and Ethnologue's "csb" is available in
639-2. In Ethnologue "KSB" is used (Shambala, a Niger-Congo language in
Tanzania). I invite members to express their opinion about the choice of

In my opinion this item should definitely be included in the alpha-3 code.