Speaking as the OCLC Liaison, this change is also acceptable to me.


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Jimmie et al.

I agree with Hugh and Susan that topics 7 and 8 should be reversed.
The revised workplan looks fine.

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Dear SACO Task Group,
        Now that I know we're all in touch and how our upcoming
look, I suggest we expand the time alloted for several of the topics.
Revised workplan:
Week 1. (March 3-7) General views on charge and workplan (including
amendments), and verification of email receipt.
Week 2. (March 10-14) Membership criteria.
Week 3-4. (March 17-28) Membership responsibilities and benefits.
Week 5-6. (March 31-April 11) Contributor perspective on contribution
distribution mechanism.
Week 7. (April 14-18) Utilities' role in contribution and distribution
Week 8. (April 21-25) LC perspective on contribution and distribution
Week 9-10. (April 28-May 9) Supporting documentation.
Week 11. (May 12-16) Training support.
Week 12. (May 19-23) Feedback.
Week 13. (May 26-30) Review of discussion and plan for next steps.
Week 14. (June 2-6) Drafting preliminary report.
        Thanks for your responses. As you'll note, we are now well into
week for commenting on the charge. Hugh made a really good start on
topic already, and now it's time for the rest of us to speak up as
        Best wishes to those of you with great travel plans. We in the
sunshine state haven't seem much of that lately, just rain and hail.
Saturday morning we had a freak hailstorm for 15 minutes that blanketed
ground with chunks of ice, some pieces larger than golf balls. My
truck has a broken windshield and lots of dents and my beautiful
lettuce is
in shreds. Shall I write a book about it? Is there a subject heading
freak hailstorms?
        Looking forward to hearing from each of you soon. Best