Just a couple of quick thoughts before I'm off to a day full of meetings -

I'm in the same situation as Mary Charles, at a BIBCO library that has
had a low number of SACO contributions this year.  If a minimum level were
set, we could make the effort to get more proposals through.  The greatest
factor for us is the time of the SACO coordinator at our institution (me).
This is one of the activities that tends to get put off as other things
get busier.  In such times, we just concentrate our BIBCO contributions
on records that don't require SACO proposals.

I think, though, that the proposals we send through are generally pretty
high quality.  We've taken advantage of a lot of training opportunites and
resources and we know how to do good proposals.  In my mind, it might be
better to focus on the quality aspect of membership and not the quantity
-- to require some sort of training before proposals could be submitted.

Funnel projects are great, but knowing what a challenge it is to find the
time to review proposals at my own institution -- I have to wonder how
likely it is that there are enough trained and experienced people out
there who would have the time...

-- Lori