A few comments on the Fenly report and the messages submitted by
Hugh and Mary Charles:

1. I agree that it's hard to predict the need for SACO proposals and therefore
difficult to set a minimum level of participation required.  But I do feel that
regular SACO work is crucial for keeping up skills.  I believe this was what
Fenly was getting at in recommendation 6 of his report.

2. Another thing that is hard to quantify is the types of headings a large
general library will get.  Our recent SACO proposals have included some
patterns (Palindromes, Japanese & Riddles, Estonian) as well as an
ancient Egyptian goddess and a moth.  The range of headings and associated
research sources is so much broader than in NACO.  But as a BIBCO library
we need to do this.

3. How about proposing a "fast-track" for pattern headings (e.g., Riddles,
for any library? This isn't part of this week's topic but I thought I'd put
this out
as Mary Charles brought it up and it's on my list.

4. I agree that the funnel idea for libraries doing less than the minimum
good...but I'm concerned that it could simply add another layer of possible
delay in getting
the heading into the SAF.  I spend a good little while tracking our
proposals through
the process and then resending our bibs out to our authority vendor to
claim the SAF
record for us.  (This process happens two weeks after a bib is completed so
it works for
claiming NACO; we have to pay again to get the SACO claimed.)  And both getting
volunteers and managing turnover, etc. would need to be figured in.

(Note:  I will be out of the office March 13-19.)



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