Dear SACO Task Group,
        Thanks for all the great comments and observations so far on this
topic. Here is my 2 cents worth, bearing in mind that I am a Libra and will
always see more than one side of any question.

1. Backing up just a little, are we sure we want SACO to become more in line
with the other components of the PCC by having a separate membership list?
We already have membership lists for CONSER, BIBCO and NACO which define
active groups of collaborators with a great deal of overlap. The libraries
participating in these programs have shown strong commitment are already
receiving supportive efforts on the part of LC, and I doubt that making a
SACO list which leaves any of them out would be helpful. Supporting their
efforts to increase the quality and quantity of subject proposals might
yield better results in the long run. So, I think we can include in our
discussion on membership parameters the option of having all official
members of the other PCC lists be combined to form a SACO membership list of
contributors and potential contributors. Others could be considered "Guest
contributors."  I agree with Adam that it is important to continue providing
some avenue for proposing SACO headings for all libraries. We all benefit
from the new headings that become available through the efforts of
occasional contributors.

2. We could propose several categories of contributors with separate paths
for proposals: the most frequent contributors, perhaps 20 and over per year,
could be black belt SACO; those contributing 5-19 per year brown belt SACO;
4 or less and membership in another PCC list green belt SACO, and all other
contributors white belt SACO. :-)

More seriously, however, I have been looking at the statistics and reading
your comments and finding a distinct lack of motivation for simply sorting
the libraries listed into members and nonmembers based on just the highest
numbers. Information about the actual quality of contributions from each
library is not readily available as far as I can tell, nor is information on
participation in SACO training.

Well? Thanks,