I wholeheartedly agree with Mary Charles that training materials should be
available online, so that folks who don't get to travel to ALA (this is
common in specialized subject-specific libraries) can still take advantage
of the ability to get new LCSH in their area.  It would be a shame if each
such library had to create their own specialized subject lists and
maintain them locally. The rest of us all lose out when that happens.

I think that yes, the Coop Cat Team members end up reviewing almost all
proposals that come through SACO right now.  I think there could be a
streamlining of this, so that either certain kinds of proposals
(e.g. headings based on language patterns? [Topic], [Language or
Nationality]) or proposals from libraries that have been declared
"independent" don't need to sit to wait for someone in Coop to review or
can be sent directly through to CPSO, bypassing Coop.

CPSO re-reviews every proposal anyway!


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