For me, I think the primary benefit is providing subject
headings for materials at the appropriate level of specificity.  I tackled
this topic in the SACO Participants' Manual in the section entitled "Why
Participate in SACO?"

Personally, my participation in SACO has been the thing that has enriched
me a great deal in my professional growth and recognition by my peers.
It's immensely rewarding to see a heading that one has researched and
submitted get included in LCSH, and then I find it even more rewarding
when I see other records from other libraries using that same heading.
That shows me that without my contribution, others may have been forced to
use a less specific heading (unless they learn to submit SACO proposals
themselves), with the corresponding ramifications that that has for
retrieval in the catalog.


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On Mon, 17 Mar 2003, Jimmie Lundgren wrote:

> Dear SACO Task Group,
>         Although I know we have a lot more to say about "Membership
> criteria," and I do not intend to cut off that discussion, it is also now
> time to begin talking about the responsibilities and benefits of membership
> (scheduled for March 17-28). I don't think it will cause problems to mix
> these topics, and it may even prove beneficial.
>         I propose to start out on this topic by sharing some of what I have
> experienced as benefits of SACO in the past. The most important one has been
> getting to use the new subject headings that I submitted to better provide
> access to materials for my patrons. This benefitted me as a librarian, my
> patrons, and I expect other librarians and their patrons handling similar
> materials by making available better subject access. My library and
> university benefit to some extent from the prestige associated with this
> participation. Also, it is sometimes rather a challenge to sufficiently
> research a topic to develop the proposal with all needed cross-references,
> and I have enjoyed the challenge and the learning process. I have benefitted
> through becoming better acquainted with Coop staff and learning from them
> and receiving their assistance. I also enjoy the sense of accomplishment at
> having woven another small piece of the very large and complex fabric that
> is LCSH.
>          What benefits have been significant to you, and what do you think
> we might we see as benefits in the future? Thanks,
> Jimmie