I'll add a couple of other notes about what has been especially rewarding
for staff and beneficial for our library:

Participating in SACO has helped us all learn more about LCSH and has
made us better catalogers.

It's also been a good learning process, especially when we've had to delve into
a lot of reference sources, etc.  I feel that especially as I review
headings in so
many different subject and language areas.

Our public services staff really appreciate our getting the new headings in
and all the added cross references.  And it's a way for us to increase our
visibility in
the organization.

It's a wonderful accomplishment for staff members  I can really see it when
I give catalogers
printouts from the SAF of headings they worked so hard to set up.  They
know their
hard work is out there for people to see and use.  It's a very rewarding



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