Hugh and All,

I also took a look at the stats this weekend and I agree with most
of what Hugh has stated. I have not seen Fenly's report that you
refer to. Is it available on the Web? Did I miss something?

I work at one of the BIBCO institutions that would not make the
cut. I would like to give a big reason why. Our ability to get SACO
proposals through the existing process has been such a problem
that most of the catalogers here will not propose headings
anymore. The proposals we currently submit are mostly  the work
of new catalogers that just received NACO training last Fall. (I do
the 5th day of SACO training).  They haven't yet gotten
discouraged by the process. Does it affect our BIBCO
contributions? Probably, but only in a very small way.

It has been our experience that the current SACO process cannot
support lots of contributions by various libraries. There just were
not enough people in COOP Cat to get all the proposals through. It
does seem to be working a little better with the Webform but still
not as well as it should. I looked at Ozarkers which has been a
proposed heading since early December (a term I could use). It
was still proposed and not on a list that I could find as of March 9.

I agree very strongly about not needing to do as many headings
year by year. It appears to me that many of the libraries doing lots
of SACO proposals are involved in digital programs. Those can
begin and end and for those committed to SACO, they can
produce lots of numbers.  In addition, if we put a 'bottom line' limit
on the headings, the pattern ones that need to be created (at LC
as well as locally) will quickly be done. I have two I could create
from one page of headings I checked recently. I would just need to
pull the pieces and do the "patterns".

I also like the idea of funnels but I think they will need to be subject
specific. I can do some "pattern" headings all day, but it seems
that only some people can do them for ethnic groups of the
Americas. There are so many "exceptions" per subject area that
doing SACO proposals outside of your normal work is comparable
to doing a corporate name heading when all you are "NACO
independent for" is personal names. We would have lots of areas of
independence. For me questions to CPSO about how to set
something up has worked most of the time. These end up being
handled by various people and I still have had proposals that got
"lost" among various teams. We may need a funnel for the easy
stuff by people that don't do SACO proposals much but we still
need a mechanism for involving the experts.

I totally agree with Hugh's statement about quality and quantity " I would
be more inclined, in theory, to trust a small specialist library dealing
with an area in which it has a high degree of knowledge over an institution
like my own, a large "general" library."

My two cents,

Mary Charles

Mary Charles Lasater
Authorities Coordinator
Vanderbilt University
21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN  37240
(615) 343-2085