Today's correspondence reminds me that I haven't even commented on
Monday's...  ;-)

I can see what Jimmie's driving at - it ought to be possible to divide any
list of benefits by asking the question "whom is this benefitting?". There
are probably two clear categories: things that benefit the member
institution, and things that benefit the community at large. A crude
division, and some aspects will probably be appropriate in both columns.

As to the precise nuts and bolts, I'm happy to take Adam's list as a
starting point, and look to see what's not in it, what needs revising, and
then separating into the different categories of beneficiaries. There may be
points in the PCC Values and Membership Benefits lists that Adam hasn't
covered, but I haven't checked (and it's perhaps unlikely).

What concerns me slightly more are the "responsibilities". To some extent
these may be tied up with membership criteria, and/or with method of
contribution and level of review within LC. We'll probably want to say
something about training (but what? - my own institution has never received
formal SACO training, and I don't believe you could tell from the proposals
we submit...). And there may be other things. Perhaps there's enough in the
CONSER documentation
to give us somewhere to start. At least as a basic list of the "issues", if
not the precise detail.

I can't find a NACO equivalent for what we're being asked to provide, unless
it's meant to be some of what's included in the "parameters"

Are there other sources we ought to be drawing on (apart from our own brains
- but I'm always more inclined to borrow what others have done before trying
to stimulate my own brain cells into life).


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