At 09:09 PM 4/30/2003 -0400, Frank Forman wrote:
>Is there a consensus on this group about how to clean up bad CDs? I, like
>most of us, have a few that don't track properly. What should one do, and,
>more importantly, what should one avoid doing?

There are many sorts of CDs, many ways each can go bad, and many ways to
attempt to clean for each. I think consensus is too much to ask unless you
can specify:

Audio CD, data CD-ROM or special format (e.g., VCD)?
Pressed, write-once or erasable disc?
Faulty in what way?
Is a specific disc persistently faulty - i.e., over multiple attempts, in
multiple players?
Is the disc a sole example or a member of a class with similar problems?

Depending on the answers to the above, the suggestion may be buy a
replacement, clean that one disc in a specific way, or immediately back up
every disc to two others.

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