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At 06:10 AM 4/17/2003 +0200, Joav Shdema wrote:
>I never had any success with plugs and software that de-clip. Clipping and
>many forms of distortion are inherent in the sound wave form. There is no
>way to estimate the wave and fix it if it's not there somewhere. A clipped
>wave must have table top clipped crests that no software I have tried to
>date could fix. Some of the plugs clean harmonics others just round and
>rolled off  the top end (much like car radio handle weak transmission) but
>none do it in an elegant way.
>I would say there is no cure. Distorted recording could be made to sound a
>little better by several methods but could not be fixed.

Clearly, others have had different results. Among the factors may be
differences in sources, in tools and in objective. For example, in the case
at hand, the objective appears to be enhancing audibility of speech, which
is quite different from recovering high-quality audio.

At times, it is not necessary to "cure" but only to regain functionality.

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