Hi all,

I just joined (rejoined actually) the list at the recommendation or and
after a very fruitful visit with Brad McCoy and Mike Ashenfelder over at
LOC. As a brief note of introduction, I've been running the Recording Lab
for the US Marine Band in Washington DC for nearly eight years, and have the
great fortune to not only preserve wonderful recordings of the band as it
has been but also make new ones.

I continue to be very interested in all things related to audio archival
issues, including issues of media, migration vs emulation, metadata,
databases, environmental concerns, etc... My background is audio but we're
moving into other media to include DV and Flash, and all of their associated
cans of worms.

When I'm not working on audio issues, I'm usually hammering away at the
books trying to get another degree (MSM/MBA) or trying without much success
to keep my trumpet chops in shape by playing with local bands and

Looking forward to staying current on archival issues...and contributing
when the discussion at hand isn't over my head :-)

Best Regards,

GySgt Karl Jackson
Audio Technician
US Marine Band
8th & I Sts. SE
Washington, DC 20390
TEL (202) 433-4398
FAX (202) 433-4752
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