Hello all,

Are any of you using XSLFO to create print versions of your finding aids?
I'm just beginning to experiment with FO, and am looking for guidance.
Although it seems a bit more technical than our old friend XSLT, I think I
can sort out the issues of creating .fo files from my .xml EAD files.

However, what I thought would be the easy part is proving to be a tad
mystifying.  What rendering engines are people using to create printable
files from their .fo files?  What formats are you creating?  Are you
performing the transformations from the command line or have you automated
the task?

I'm looking for a simple solution for the time being, just so I can start
creating .fo files and render them so I can see the results.  I've tried to
experiment with JFOR and FOP, but have been stymied for various reasons.

Any and all advice and guidance is appreciated.


Michael Rush - Manuscript Processor
Massachusetts Historical Society
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