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> Sorry that I'm a couple of weeks behind you all on this thread.
> John Clews wrote on 03/14/2003 04:57:53 AM:
> > This also points to distinct roles for both ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-3.
> >
> > It would also enable Rebecca to be able to send a reply to the
> > enquirer stating that Valencian would be handled in ISO 639-3, still
> > under development, but that at present it would not be included in
> > ISO 639-2, or a similar straightforward reply.
> Can you please clarify how you envision this being handled in ISO 639-3?

Actually, given the points you and Michael Everson made, it would
have been  more accurate to for me to have said that

    This also points to distinct roles for both ISO 639-2, ISO 639-3
    and ISO 639-4, and the implication that Valencian would be
    handled in ISO 639-4.

> That standard is intended to cover individual languages, and I have not
> seen any indication that Valencian is to be considered a distinct language
> on whatever basis.

Indeed, nor have I suggested that it is a separate language either
(quite the reverse).

> Clearly, we want the denotation of ca / cat to be understood as
> including Valencian (and, I think Balear -- certainly Ethnologue
> considers these to be variants of a single language).

Again, agreed.

> I suggest that all we need to do is to have the code list
> include annotations that explains this.


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