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Subject: [METS] Editorial Board requests brief descriptions of METS

1) A short description of METS applications both planned and in production.

The University of Alberta will be using METS for its Peel's Prairie
Provinces project--a digital library containing citations and searchable
full-text images of Western Canadian resources. The collection currently
consists of digitized monographs, and will expand to include non-textual
resources as well. Images are in TIFF and derived PNG format, with text
files in UTF-8, formatted in XML. METS will be used to store the objects'
descriptive, administrative and structural metadata, but will not be used to
drive the end-user interface. The descriptive metadata is formatted in
qualified Dublin Core, using the Library Application Profile. The use of
existing extension schemas to encode technical and administrative metadata
will be explored. METS files will be automatically generated from
descriptive metadata stored in a Site Search database, and a set of XSL
stylesheets will be created to transform the digital information in Olive
ActivePage XML repositories into METS records.

2) Projected dates of implementation (if not yet in production).

METS implementation to begin this year.

3) URL to any publicly available production or demonstration implementations

None yet.

4) URL to any available documentation or specifications for the

None available yet.

5) An indication of whether any METS tools developed as part of the
implementations are available to other METS implementers; and if so, under
what terms (freeware, licensed software, etc.)

XSL stylesheets will be available to transform Olive ActivePage XML files
into METS. We will be interested in sharing any similar tools available.

6) Contact name and email address.

Susan Dahl
Metadata & Cataloguing Librarian
University of Alberta
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Peter Binkley
Digital Initiatives Technology Librarian
University of Alberta
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The Board requests a response by April 11, so that the list can be
assembled and mounted by the next Editorial Board meeting in May.

I will be following up on this memo within the next couple of days with a
description of the METS applications we are working on in the UC Berkeley

Rick Beaubien

Rick Beaubien

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