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Stanford Digital Repository

Description:  SUL/AIR is using METS as the metadata engine for all digital
content destined for the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR).  The SDR will
support born digital content acquired for the Stanford collections, Stanford
library and special collections materials reformattted for purposes of
improved access and preservation of source materials, holdings of Highwire
Press,  and research and coursework related content of Stanford departments
and faculty determined to be of permanent value.   We are building an
extension schema for descriptive metadata based on Dublin Core, but plan to
use existing MARC, TEI, EAD, FGDC, and DDI metadata as available.   For
technical metadata for still images, we plan to use MIX, and extensions to
METS for other formats as applicable.

Dates:   In production spring 2003
Sites:  Not yet
Documentation:   For metadata:
Tools:  None available at this time
Contact name & email address:  Nancy Hoebelheinrich,  [log in to unmask]

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Subject: [METS] Editorial Board requests brief descriptions of METS

The METS Editorial Board would like to assemble and make publicly available
a list of both active and prospective METS implementations.  To this end we
invite institutions and organizations who are implementing METS or planning
to implement METS to submit the following information to the METS list in
response to this posting:

1) A short description of METS applications both planned and in production.
2) Projected dates of implementation (if not yet in production).
3) URL to any publicly available production or demonstration implementations
4) URL to any available documentation or specifications for the
5) An indication of whether any METS tools developed as part of the
implementations are available to other METS implementors; and if so, under
what terms (freeware, licensed software, etc.)
6) Contact name and email address.

The Board requests a response by April 11, so that the list can be
assembled and mounted by the next Editorial Board meeting in May.

I will be following up on this memo within the next couple of days with a
description of the METS applications we are working on in the UC Berkeley

Rick Beaubien

Rick Beaubien

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