At 05:39 PM 4/14/2003 -0700, Karen wrote:
>*************** subDocumentType ******************
>        <subDocDetail type="[type]" number="[number]" caption="[caption]"
>                order="[order]" title="[title]/>
>        <subDocExtent type="[type]" value="[value]" />
>        <text></text>
>        </subDocumentType>

A probably irrelevent aside, but I found it interesting that this set parallels
part of the METS <div> and <area> elements rather closely:

<div type="[type]" orderlabel="[orderlabel]"
         order="[order]" label="[label]">
         <fptr><area exttype="[extent type]" extent="[extent]" ... >

where METS 'type' is equivalent to Karen's/David's 'type,' 'orderlabel' is
equivalent to 'number,' etc.  The extent handling is obviously a bit
different in METS, since it's being used as a bridging element to a separate
data file, but the general notion is the same.

The only other obvious difference to me is that METS assumes that the
information in
Karen's/David's caption element would just be placed inside the orderlabel
element in METS (so "orderlabel='p. 47'" in METS, vs "number='47'
But if the intent of a change to MODS would be improving the ability to encode
citations, I'm betting someone somewhere would want the caption kept separate
from the number for formatting purposes, so K/D's approach is preferable
to METS' for that purpose.

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