Note that there was a typo in the announcement. It is at:

Actually you can also get to it at:

And in that announcement I failed to thank all the people who contributed
useful comments to the document when we first sent out a draft. I think it
greatly improved the guidelines.  Thank you all.


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Subject: [MODS] MODS user guidelines

The MODS user guidelines are now available at:

This document is a comprehensive guide to the use of MODS data elements.
It should be used in conjunction with the MODS mappings and the Outline of
elements and attributes
( It includes
introductory information about MODS and XML schemas, descriptions of all
MODS elements with examples, a MODS "lite" for shorter MODS records, a few
full record examples (more will be added to later) and an index of
elements by element name.

We are planning some changes to the MODS schema within the next few weeks.
These will be enhancements rather than changes that would invalidate
existing records, so will not be a major change. At that time, we will
revise the guidelines to reflect the new elements. (This schema revision
will include the enhancements for citation data.)

We hope this document will be useful.

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