Some of the examples in the MODS guidelines come from records that used
the transformation from MARC to MODS. [sound recording] and [electronic
resource] come from AACR2 cataloging rules and are recorded in the title
area. If you were creating a MODS record and didn't care to include this
AACR element, you certainly could leave it out. If just seemed easier in
the transformation to just plop multiple title subfields into the MODS
title so that the AACR2/ISBD compliant data could be preserved if a record
were being converted to MODS from MARC instead of losing the data.
(Alternatively we could put it in "form", but we thought there was some
value in being able to reconstruct it more easily if using AACR2 rules.)
But there is certainly an argument that they're not really part of the
title information. This element, the general material designator, is not
required, so it could of course be left out.

As for the date and place in conference names, this also comes from AACR2
rules and they're considered an integral part of the name according to the


On Tue, 29 Apr 2003, Roy Tennant wrote:

> If I may, I'd like to politely disagree with my esteemed colleague and
> argue that "[sound recording]" and "[electronic resource]" are most
> assuredly not part of the title, and do not belong there in MODS.
> Frankly, I don't think such notations even belong there in the
> MARC/AACR2 environment, but that is a debate best argued elsewhere.
> Roy Tennant