Please remember that the GMDs (including [sound recording] and
[electronic resource]) are separately subfield coded in MARC 21 ($h) so
can be displayed or not as a local system wishes.

By the way, the rules for GMDs in AACR2 and ISBD are indeed being
reviewed to possibly change both the GMDs themselves and where they are
placed within a bibliographic description. - Barbara Tillett

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On Tuesday, April 29, 2003, at 03:46  PM, Rebecca S. Guenther wrote:

> [sound recording] and [electronic resource] come from AACR2
> rules and are recorded in the title
> area.


> As for the date and place in conference names, this also comes from
> rules and they're considered an integral part of the name according
> the
> rules.

Maybe the rules should be changed?


Seriously, though, it'd be unfortunate ten years from now, when
everything's XML, to still retrieve online catalog records coded this
way.  When was this practice started: 30 or 40 years ago, before
desktop computers even, much less XML?