On Wednesday, April 30, 2003, at 09:24  AM, Rebecca S. Guenther wrote:

> In the case of the GMD ([sound recording], etc.), it is the case that
> the
> crosswalk says to put 245$h along with title. As I recall we debated
> this
> early on. This discussion has convinced me that the better approach
> would
> be to put 245$h in <physicalDescription><form> which has an attribute
> authority. We could use "gmd" as the authority in these cases, which
> would
> allow us to map from MODS to MARC and be able to put the GMD back in
> the
> title.

This looks good.

However, this raises another question for me:

What is the difference between <typeOfResource> and
<physicalDescription><form>?  In the above example, both elements would
have the same value; right?  So then shouldn't the former be simply

I partly ask for some concrete reasons, such as what <typeOfResource>
value would you assign for a public speech (not a recording, but the
performance)?  Likewise, a performed play, or a lecture?