Karen wrote:

> So if we can extend the MODS record to accommodate data from citation
> indexing then we are working toward that goal of integrated
> information resources.

So what is missing, beyond elements for things like volume and issue

One thing I'm starting to understand is this:

On one hand, MODS/MARC has a "resource type" that is broader and more
general than the "reference type" you see in applications focused on
bibliographic formatting (where type examples include book, journal
article, chapter, map, etc.).  On the other, it has the "genre" which
is more specific and related to content.  But in order to format
bibliographic records, you do need an intermediate categorization that
can describe how the record ought to be formatted.  I don't know
exactly what that ought to be in practice, though, or whether MODS
ought to try to include that.