Hello fellows & friends

For those of you who read every AMfellows message, this will be a repeat,
but Pat left the "job posting" header on it, some of you not interested in
that one-year job at LC, may have skipped this rather interesting announcement.


This notice is originally from:
"Solfest, Patricia" <[log in to unmask]>

Pat says:
I came across this announcement today regarding a grant program for
teaching American history and thought Fellows might be interested. Best


Teaching American History Grant Program
Closing Date: July 7, 2003

Program Description: Teaching American History grants support projects to
raise student achievement by improving teachers' knowledge,
understanding, and appreciation of traditional American history.

    Christine Miller, Alex Stein, Harry Kessler, or Claire Geddes
     U.S. Department of Education
     400 Maryland Avenue, SW., room 5C126,
     Washington, DC 20202-6200.
        (202) 260-8766 (Christine Miller);
        (202) 205-9085 (Alex Stein);
        (202) 708- 9943 (Harry Kessler); or
        (202) 260-8757 (Claire Geddes)
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