I am thinking of a way to add the "type" of number that is given in the
partNumber/ partName of the title of a piece.

What I am thinking is lets say I have a title that is :
My Multivolume Book

Volume 2 has the title
Second Volume in Two Parts

Part 1 of Volume 2 is title
Part 1 of 2 volumes of My Multivolume Book

I want to do the following for just the MODS record for that Part 1 of
Volume 2 but feel it isn't quite kosher:
<title>My Mulitvolume Book</title>
<partNumber type="volume"> 2</part number>
<partName>Second volume in two parts</partName>
<partNumber type="part">1</part number>
<partName>Part 1 of 2 volumes of my multivolume book</partName>

This way if I have volumes that are actually Teils or Hefts or something, I
could use that in the type value and have a style sheet of some sort be able
to take that value and formulate some sort of citation.

Is this something that would be feasible?


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