Well, my example of titles was used to try to make it clear - but my titles
of the main work, the volume titles, and the part titles actually have
unique Titles and not just descriptive numbering.  I just didn't want to bog
down the list with names of beetles.

The problem with the language attribute thing is that I use English for my
records even if it is a German book.  I would use the German title etc. but
use English subject headings, etc.  I want to be able to "transcribe" the
teil information right so that if some one is citing my source would get the
right information (or if someone is going from a citation could find this
source). *But* not have the person doing the input to have to think "Oh,
'teil' is part" - they can just copy what they see <type ="teil"> value = 2
or what have you.

My real example that might help in clarifying what I am trying to do:

Over all set title: Insecta. Coleoptera.
Volume 4 is pretty generically refered to as Coleoptera
Volume 4 part  2 is titled Heteromera
Volume 4 part 3 is title Rhynchophora...
I want to embed in the marked up text of each of these parts their title.
And in the relatedItem field hook them up as siblings and related up to
their Host.

I don't want to guess how people might cite these things, I just want to
give them the information parsed enough so that they can formulate it anyole
way they want to.

<title>Insecta. Coleoptera</title>
     <partNumber type=volume> 4</partNumber>
          <partNumber type=part>3</partNumber>

The citation style sheet of choice from the user could decide to abbreviate
volume to v. or to vol. or spell the whole darn thing out and I wouldn't
care.  They could choose to put the vol and part numbers together and all
the part names together or separate them out. Again, I wouldn't care.  I
just need to make sure they can pick and choose and arrange the pieces


Should I be surrounding each of these into one title field? So that the
structure of the names work since I do have three levels?
<title> Insecta. Coleoptera

 - - Suzanne

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On Monday, May 5, 2003, at 10:23  AM, Suzanne Pilsk wrote:

> I want to do the following for just the MODS record for that Part 1 of
> Volume 2 but feel it isn't quite kosher:
> <titleInfo>
> <title>My Mulitvolume Book</title>
> <partNumber type="volume"> 2</part number>
> <partName>Second volume in two parts</partName>
> <partNumber type="part">1</part number>
> <partName>Part 1 of 2 volumes of my multivolume book</partName>
> </titleInfo>

Just discussing this elsewhere.  I'm not totally sure about how to
integrate titles here (parts and chapters of books generally have
them), and so will leave that alone,  but how about something like this
(I've substituted a more generic name for Karen's proposed subDoc)?

        <detail type="volume"><number>2</number></detail>
        <detail type="part"><number>1<number></detail>

Also, wouldn't your <partName> example really be a description?

> This way if I have volumes that are actually Teils or Hefts or
> something, I
> could use that in the type value and have a style sheet of some sort
> be able
> to take that value and formulate some sort of citation.

Right.  There also needs to be a way to map these language-based
structural names back to the language specific Schema.  In other words,
we need a way to separate out the structural information from the
(language based) presentation.  If, for example, "teil" is just a
German word for part, then I think that needs to be accounted for in a
MODS record.  So rather than simply having:

        <detail type="teil"><number>1</number></detail>

...maybe it'd be:

        <detail type="part"><number>1</number></detail>

...and it would be understood to be a transliterated German word by
virtue of the fact that the language information was coded somewhere
else in the record.  This becomes important if you are dealing with
documents in a variety of languages, and in turn need to publish in a
variety of languages.

Say, for example, I download a MODS record at some future date from an
online catalog in Germany, but want to cite it in for English audience?