Draft LCRI 1.7B Order of Notes

 The order of notes in MARC records is a recurring issue, most recently as it
relates to the conventions to be applied in the PCC environment to integrating
resources.  Different practices have grown up over time.  The reasons for this
represent a somewhat complicated and checkered history.  The Library of Congress
proposes to lay the matter to rest with an LCRI, which states a preferred
practice but accommodates variation.

Please send comments on the following proposed LCRI to the CPSO email account at
[log in to unmask] by June 13, 2003.

"1.7B Notes

 Prefer the order of notes as specified in the rules unless there are mitigating
circumstances that result in a different order (e.g., a policy decision
applicable to a particular cooperative enterprise, the requirements of a
particular system, an administrative decision not to re-order notes when doing
copy cataloging)."

Kay Guiles, CPSO