> Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 14:33:27 +0200
> From: Theo van Veen <[log in to unmask]>
> - I think the ZNG list should be open for everyone but should still
> require people to join via Ray befor sending contributions.

I agree.

> - I agree with Bill Oldroyd that it should also be possible retrieve
> fullr records via a record id, additionallly to to requesting them
> via a position in a resultset. The recordid should become part of
> the SRU/SRW specifications as request parameter and in the SRU/SRW
> response.

I agree with Rob that we already have a perfectly good way of
expressing this in CQL, and that we ought not to multiple entities

> - With respect to metasearching of several databases on the same
> system I think it would be a good step forwards to have a parameter
> in which we can specify database names or collection names. When the
> database name is returned as a parameter (like recordid) for each
> record the receiver can use this for sorting records from different
> databases.

I don't think we can design this piecemeal, taking one "good step"
after another, and realistically hope to arrive at a good design.
It'll take someone to come up with, and clearly document, a complete

> - There has been a discussion on the Z39.50 list some time ago with
> respect to requesting XML records. I mentioned the idea on DCX:
> Dublin Core eXtended.

You certainly did! :-)

I seem to remember that when we last discussed this on the ZIG list,
we arrived at rather a good solution.  However, I have no memory
whatsoever of what it actually was.  Anyone remember?

> The concept of DCX is explained below and I will submit a proposal
> to the DCMI to adopt this concept.

It's hard to imagine the DCMI people going for this.

> I would like to propose support of DCX (rather than DC) as
> compulsary in SRU/SRW.  Please give me your opnion on this.

I agree with Rob that this would be undesirable.

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