I'm wondering whether we need a ZING update service when we have the OAI
which does update the other way around.  With OAI the client is on the
database side, seeking records from known locations to update.  There is no
need for authentication as with ZING where the clients can be anonymous.
OAI could benefit with some of the data structures defined in the UCP that
enable unambiguous modification and delete.


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My apologies if I am covering old ground, I'm new to this list and I only
know a little about SRU.

I am of the growing opinion that a full record presentation should be by a
specific URI for each record rather than a position in a result set. (Better
for bookmarking and caching.)

Of course this could be achieved outside of SRU by including the URI in the

An update could use the http "PUT" method using the record URI.
http should handle the authentication.

This leaves the issue of how to encode the updated record.

(P.S I'm also on holiday for a week. So I can't reply until I'm back.)

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This is a note sent to me, which would be posted
to this list except the list is private, for
implementors only. So two questions:

1. any opinions on how our "new generation" Z39.50
might treat update, if at all?
2. how should we treat questions like this, open
up the list? start a new, public list, for


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Subject: SRU: Database Update Extended Service
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To whom it may concern,

I have a question: In SRU there is currently no
operation comparable to the
"Database Update Extended Service Facility" of
Z39.50 (EXT1.5 in the Z39.50
Document). Will an related operation be introduced
in the future?
With kind regards

Jürgen Kett


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