Lance, I routinely use a 4-channel 1/4-inch tape deck to determine the true
track format (usually faster and easier than using the "developing"
viewer). Then I select the proper head assembly or tape machine for the
final reproduction of the tape.

What the others said is true.

For transfers, I find that I need 1/4-track, 2-track, DIN stereo, and
full-track to optimize the process. If you're auditioning, a 4-channel
1/4-inch machine is VERY useful. (thanks to Parker Dinkens for the tip, by
the way)



At 08:41 AM 6/12/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Can anyone tell me if a 1/4" 2 track reel-to-reel can play on a 4 track
>reel-to-reel tape deck? Will the tracks be able to line up?
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