Yes, and across these and other organizations around the world, there are 
hundreds of standards, if not close to a thousand!

What are the important ones?  Depends...

Richard, what specifically are you asking about?

Here are some overview papers in the AES electronic library. They are 
available from the AES for $5 each

Standards in the AES 1744336 bytes
Author(s): Nunn, John
Publication: Volume 46 Number 1/2 pp. 7476, 78, 80, 82, 84-86; December 1997
Abstract: Standards activity in the AES started shortly after the Society 
was founded. Initially it was rather sporadic, but from the mid 1970s 
onward more formal organizational structures were introduced, which led to 
the publication of internationally recognized standards and the forging of 
closer links with other standards bodies. Standards continue to be a core 
activity of the AES and recent changes in organization, together with the 
associated provision of resources, are designed to ensure the Society can 
meet the future demands of the audio industry.

The Role of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers in Audio 
Standardization 588689 bytes
Author(s): Knop, Jr., H. W.
Publication: Preprint 548; Convention 33; September 1967
Abstract: The SMPTE, through its Engineering Committees, generates 
standards which aid in producing better quality sound for motion-picture 
and television audiences. Standards specify film and magnetic stripe 
dimensions; location, dimensions and reproducing characteristics of audio 
records; techniques for assessing recorded sound quality; and, test films 
for checking and aligning sound recording and reproducing equipment. A 
complete list is presented and typical standards are described.

The Ever New World of Standards: Structure and Sphere of Interest of the 
Standards Organization 2918301 bytes
Author(s): Isom, Warren Rex
Publication: Preprint 1020; Convention 51; April 1975
Abstract: The world of standards is highly confusing to a lot of people, 
including engineers. So many are so concerned with one activity that is is 
seldom realized that this one thing is such a very small part of the total 
international humanistic activity. It can be said with accuracy that we 
confine ourselves to a tree in the forest of human endeavor. As a matter of 
fact, many of us are clinging to a twig and seldom do we get to a main 
branch leading to the truck of the tree.

A Bibliography of the Relevant Literature on the Subject of Microphones 
594306 bytes
Author(s): Knoppow, Richard
Publication: Volume 33 Number 7/8 pp. 557-561; June 1985
Abstract: A list of relevant papers published over the years, tracing the 
origins and development of microphones, is presented and includes brief 
descriptions of the merits of each publication whenever possible.

The AES Historical Committee Web site is down since the crash of the server. It should be up soon. I think there are more links there.



>Richard Billeaud wrote:
>>Could anyone help me track down all existing standards and recommended
>>pratcices from ISO, AES, SMPTE, ... on working with audio for moving image :
>>production, post-production and exhibition in theaters ?