This is from a report on a meeting Unesco and IASA had with Tape and CD
manufacturers in Paris
just about a year ago:
 asked how the Verbatim professional product varied from that commonly
available Torsten Leye replied that the disks were a selected line in the
factory. The production controls were tighter and the materials used better
quality and, therefore, more expensive. The ingredients of the dye were
better; the reflective layer better; a special lacquer coating was used. The
cost was about 20% higher than normal. The disks were marketed under the
name "Ultra Life Plus". Mitsui also make a similar product.
lars gaustad 
Preservation Advisor 
Media Lab 
National Library of Norway 



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Emne: [ARSCLIST] CD differences

Thanks Will,
The Mitsui archival gold discs (marked as "Prostudio" in Europe) are
designed to be burned at lower (1-12x) speeds, whereas the "non-archival"
equivalents are apparently optimised for higher burn speeds. Not sure of any
other differences.
So if that is the only difference....then what's makes the Gold disk
markedly better (archival)  than non-archival? Or is there no real big
difference regarding the longevity, stability etc?
Paul Tombleson
Director of Preservation
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