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Hi Steve:
   Thanks for the update on the awards.  I didn't know there was a book about George Crumb.  He played piano in my combo while we were in school.  He was working on his Ph.D. in composition in Ann Arbor, while I was still working on my bachelor's in Ypsilanti; Eastern Michigan a few miles East of U of M.  He even bought my old 9 passenger Chrysler New Yorker (my Band Bus) from me when I needed the money.  We always brought back "favors" or balloons from our dance gigs for his two little girls.  Now I'll have to get the book!
Paul T. Jackson - Trescott Research
You're welcome Paul. May I suggest you post your reply to me on the ARSCLISt. I think others would enjoy your story. And maybe someone else has a Crumb story to share with you.

Steve Ramm