On Wed, 18 Jun 2003, Bruce D'Arcus wrote:

> Just out of curiosity, what are people (well, I suppose institutions)
> currently using mods for? And where do you see its role in the future?
> Bruce

Of course since LC developed MODS, I also have some answers to this

1. Minerva-- LC's Web archiving project
MODS is used for description of Web sites that have been archived. These
projects revolve around a particular theme. Our first use of MODS in this
context is for the Election 2002 Web site, where there are separate MODS
records for each candidate site. The metadata is used for searching the
collection. We may decide to transform these records to MARC and put in
our catalog. Original catalog records use the MODS schema.
We will be providing MODS metadata for other themes in this project.

2. LC Digital Audio-visual Preservation Prototyping Project
This project explores aspects of digital preservation for audio and
video. It packages digital content and metadata using METS (Metadata
Encoding and Transmission Standard). Descriptions of objects and
sub-objects use MODS.  Where previously cataloged descriptions exist in
the Library of Congress catalog, the MARC records are transformed to MODS
and loaded into the database used. Where they are not available, original
MODS records are created.
(although documentation doesn't say much about the use of MODS, but
describes the project).

3. OAI Harvesting
We expose our metadata in 3 alternative formats: Dublin Core, MARCXML, and
(You can look at the sample record or configure a request with verb
ListRecords, choose a set, and use metadataPrefix "mods")

We have other digital projects using MODS and are exploring additional

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