As the result of recent concerns within the PCC environment
stemming from developing conventions related to the order of notes
for integrating resources, the Library of Congress proposed an LCRI
that states a preferred practice but accommodates variation.

The period for review and comment is now over, and the following LCRI
will appear in an LCRI update to be published this fall.  Because of recent
interest, the LCRI is being made available by the Cataloging Policy and Support
Office now in electronic form and PCC catalogers may begin to apply the

"1.7B Notes

        Prefer the order of notes as specified in the rules unless there
are mitigating circumstances that result in a different order (e.g., a
policy decision applicable to a particular cooperative enterprise, the
requirements of a particular system, an administrative decision not to
re-order notes when doing copy cataloging)."

Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress
June 13, 2003