Dear Colleagues -- As promised, I've (finally) established an
e-mail discussion list for integrating resource cataloging policy
and practice.

To subscribe, please go to the list information page:
and follow the subscription instructions.  In order to keep spammers
out, initial subscription will require my approval, but the messages
on the list will not be moderated.  Please forward this announcement
to colleagues at your institutions and to other PCC-affiliated lists (BIBCO).

I would ask that for the moment you don't forward this announcement
to non-PCC discussion lists.  The list management software (Mailman)
is a new web-based product that I'm still learning.  I will send an announcement
to other lists as I get comfortable with this.

Many thanks in advance for your patience.  Please feel free to contact
me directly if you have any questions or concerns.  --Steve

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    Serials Cataloger                                *****
    University of Washington Libraries, Box 352900    ***
    Seattle, WA 98195               (206) 685-3983     *