Dear SACO Task Group,
        I have been drafting the interim report and need some specific
answers from each of you. Please take a minute to go over these questions
and send me your responses as quickly as you can, either on or off list. We
have already discussed these issues, and hopefully you will be ready to take
a position at least for the interim report. I may have other questions
later, and I will share the draft as soon as I get and incorporate this
initial feedback from you. Thanks!

1. To make SACO more consistent with other elements of the PCC, a letter
asking for a written commitment to following LC policies, etc. for subject
contributions should be sent by the PCC to those libraries who are
particpants in SACO or other parts of the PCC?
___ YES
___ NO

2. Can you get behind the idea of a goal of 5 records each year for
libraries that make a commitment to joining the SACO program as members?
This is in the context of other libraries and librarians continuing to have
the option of contributing without that commitment.
___ YES
___ NO

3. Do you think we need a separate list of SACO libraries for the utilities
to enable subject authority work in the utilities, or will it serve
satisfactorily to expand the capability of those already authorized for
___Separate list required
___Use NACO list

4. As part of the contribution of LC do you want provision of resources such
as Catalogers Desktop or print versions of SCM and LCSH to be provided to
those libraries who make a written commitment to be SACO members?
___YES (Which resource(s)?