> I suggest we consider a meeting in August. One agenda item could be to
> finalize 1.1 (which is

The US at the beginning of August (like the first week) would maybe be
okay for me, depends on when I'm going to be at Yale for a while (which
I'll know on Friday)  But I'd expect to be back in the UK in the 2nd week,
and thus unlikely to be able to make it all the way back again later that

Unless it was in Europe this year?

> We may be able to do that without a meeting, or maybe not; the meeting I
> have in mind would be

I think that last July's meeting was very productive.

> Some of us are looking at a possible larger (open) meeting sometime
> around October, and the August

Can't possibly attend something in October until it happens to be in New
Zealand or Australia :)

> We need to have 1.1 in place, along with implementations or demos, in
> order to establish credibility with the metasearch folks.  I'm going

1.1 in place?  Meaning that their requirements would be delayed until 1.2
or 2.0 (or whatever comes after 1.1)?

We have implementations of 1.0. I've implemented the various proposals so
far to see if they're feasable or not.  If I can do them in Python
without the WSDL toolkits, then they'll be a breeze with WSDL parsing and
as Matthew demonstrated at JCDL, it's about 10 minutes to write a simple
client and server with them.

> to begin to bring the implementor page up-to-date,

Could you take out the 'beta' from the timeframe on mine as it's pretty
solid, and in use at the RDN as well as my own servers. :)


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