> > descriptions is the wealth of bradning type information in
> > traditional Explain. For instance:

> > An icon used to represent this database (in machine
> > presentable form) (today this would probably be termed a logo
> > rather than icon)

<link type="logo">URL</link>

> > Whether there is charge to access this database.


> > A human-readable name or title for the database


> > A description of the database, in human readable text.

<description>, <extent> and <history>

> > Any disclaimers concerning this database, in human readable text.


> > News about this database, in human readable text.

<description> or more likely <history>

> > Hours of operation that this database is available.  Best time to
> > access this database, in human readable text.


> > A description of
> > copyright issues relating to this database, in human readable text.
> > A notice concerning copyright which the target expects the origin to
> > display to the user if possible, in human readable text.


> > Description and contact information for the database producer,
> > database supplier, and for how to submit material for inclusion in
> > this database, in human readable text.

<author> and <contact>

> > At a quick glance many of these aren't yet in ZeeRex. Some

They don't have their own elements within ZeeRex, no, but there is space
for the information to be included.  We didn't want to load up on the many
many different elements to try and create a full collection description or
service description framework, rather to put in enough broad headings that
people can either use what is there, or extend it with different
namespaces if they think that's appropriate.

Character set on the other hand doesn't have a space, and I agree that it
needs to be describable along with langUsage.

(And yes, the <links> model is broken. I remember fixing this, but
obviously forgot to send it to Mike for the website)


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