Robert Sanderson wrote:

> The US at the beginning of August (like the first week) would maybe be
> okay for me, depends on when I'm going to be at Yale for a while (which
> I'll know on Friday)  But I'd expect to be back in the UK in the 2nd week,
> and thus unlikely to be able to make it all the way back again later that
> month.

How about the week of August 18?

> Unless it was in Europe this year?

I expect that the later (Autumn) meeting will be in DC, and so, though I'd
like the August meeting in DC,  I'm not pushing too hard for that (though if
we do it after the week of August 18 I can't go anywhere). However, I do think
it needs to be in the US, if we're going to persuade some of the metasearch
folks to come.

> > Some of us are looking at a possible larger (open) meeting sometime
> > around October, and the August
> Can't possibly attend something in October until it happens to be in New
> Zealand or Australia :)

Maybe November.

> 1.1 in place?  Meaning that their requirements would be delayed until 1.2
> or 2.0 (or whatever comes after 1.1)?

Well that's what I'm thinking but I could be convinced otherwise. Though I
think it would be real tricky to try to ascertain requirements and get them
into 1.1, without undue delay to 1.1.