I'd like to call an SRW meeting for mid-September
(or late-september or very early October).  I'd
like to get this on the calendar so let me know
soon what days are not good for you during that

We are also looking into holding a ZIG meeting in
early January -- before ALA, in San Diego, perhaps
Monday-Wednesday, January 5-7 (or
Tuesday-Thursday). This is not official and hasn't
been announced, but it's relevant to the timing of
an SRW meeting.

There is  ZIG administrative business accumulated
since the last meeting (April 2002) --  not enough
to justify a ZIG meeting, but enough to consume a
large part of one day. In addition I see this as
an opportunity to bring the ZIG into the srw
discussions, so that we can begin to migrate more
of the Z39.50 functionality to srw or additional
web services.

The January meeting could also be an opportunity
for the srw/Z39.50 community to meet with
metasearch folks. It's unlikely that they will
otherwise organize; I'm not sure that there is any
followup of the NISO metasearch meeting planned or
even contemplated. Yet it is clear from that
meeting that there is a need for modeling and
perhaps protocol development. A meeting of those
and  Z39.50 folks could be productive.

As to timing, an SRW meeting should on one hand be
not too far in the future, but on the other hand
not so soon that there would be a long time before
the ZIG meeting.  Mid-september might be the
optimal time.